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BrightPlanet provides internet search and management tools which discover, harvest, monitor, and manage internet content.  The firm’s flagship product, Deep Query Manager (DQM), can query over 40,000 dynamic databases (the “Deep Web”), including and going far beyond what Google (and similar “surface web” engines) can provide.  DQM is the only tool on the market that covers this breadth of usability, allowing users to simultaneously access more and better information and to manage it more effectively. 

Feed Management Systems

Feed Management Systems (FMS), formerly Easy Systems, Inc., is the world's leading provider of feed management software and services for the livestock industry.  Nearly 4,000 feed industry users - 70 percent of the North American market, 90 percent of the South American market, and 60 percent of the total worldwide market - rely on the company's products.  Since 1986, FMS' products have enabled ingredient manufacturers, feed mills, brokers and producers (farms) to formulate, balance, allocate, order and create sophisticated nutritional feed products for today's technology-driven agricultural market.  Through the development of patented products and acquisitions, FMS dominates the world's feed management systems market.  Headquartered in Minnesota, FMS is a privately held company with employees in Wisconsin, Texas, California, Nebraska, Canada, India and South America.



Medisyn Technologies, Inc.


Medisyn Technologies is an early stage drug design and discovery company focused on treating cancer. Its proprietary Forward Engineering™ platform for predicting molecule behavior in silico is being used worldwide in pursuit of more effective drug candidates. With its portfolio of proven proprietary compounds and its unique predictive approach, Medisyn’s promise is to reduce significantly the time taken to identify and launch new and improved pharmaceutical and nutraceutical compounds. Medisyn seeks to become the preeminent source for predictable drug candidates to pharmaceutical companies looking to reduce the risk of drug discovery.



ProVation Medical, Inc.


ProVation Medical Solutions develops, markets, and supports software that automates clinical processes related to outpatient surgery and medical procedures.  ProVation’s software automates the documentation of medical procedures, which creates these benefits for doctors and patients: 

·         Billing is more accurate.

·         Information is automatically shared with patients, referring physicians, host hospitals, and practicing specialists.

·         Digitized images taken during the procedure are integrated into the documentation.

Data related to the procedures is structured and stored to yield better clinical reporting and data for research.

Wolters Kluwer, a leading multinational publisher and information services company, has acquired ProVation Medical, Inc. This transaction represents a positive liquidity event for Sherpa Partners and its investors.



Eridon Corporation


Eridon provides solutions for companies in designing the computing electronics (found on circuit boards) of new products by offering tools to write their application software. The Company provides a framework for rapid prototyping and final design of a new product’s electronics as well as providing hardware, firmware, and software technology tools.



Cassatt Corporation

Cassatt Corporation, formerly Unlimited Scale Inc. is developing Linux based, scalable system software for performance-critical computing environments.  Cassatt's proprietary product, "Unlimited Linux" provides the resource management, scheduling and system administration capabilities to support clusters of 10s to 10,000s of computer servers, each running industry standard Linux. The target for Cassatt's Unlimited Linux software environment is to provide, on a given hardware configuration, up to twice the system utilization than can be achieved with other clustered systems, while running standard "open" Linux and also significantly enhancing the ease with which large clusters are managed.