Portfolio Company Executives

"We have been working with Sherpa Partners for over 18 months.  As an early stage organization, there are a lot of issues that develop, some anticipated, some unexpected.  We have found the group at Sherpa Partners to not only be a help with the investment side of our business, but because of their specific backgrounds, they have also proven to be an asset on the mechanics of our business.  By providing temporary office space, business networking, staffing, or just being a sounding board, Sherpa Partners has been a great asset."

Rich Reynertson, CEO

Feed Management Systems, Inc.


"Rick was extremely helpful in closing out a Series B financing round by identifying an interested party to invest $2M.  The identified party also offered strategic value in regards to positioning ProVation Medical within the medical community."

Mark Wagner, CEO

ProVation Medical, Inc.


"Sherpa Partners practice what they preach.  I like that!  A good example of their practice, is their marketing approach.  They have developed their own brand personality, market niche and a way of doing business.  Whether it be distribution channels or financial advice, Sherpa Partners can provide the guidance via first hand knowledge.  They know what it takes to build a successful business.  I appreciate having the mental horsepower backing our company as we build for the future.


I've certainly enjoyed working with the Sherpa Team."

Thane Paulsen, President

BrightPlanet Corporation 


"Sherpa Partners, specifically Rick Brimacomb, have been invaluable resources for our company in numerous ways.  Rick has provided counsel on many issues ranging from financial topics to broad strategic issues.  Rick was an  advocate when it came to diversification of our product line.  Over the years, Rick has introduced me to key people, who have provided tremendous input for the future of our company.  Steve Pederson has given us helpful advice when it came time to transform our sales strategies.  Lastly, Rick and the Sherpa Team have been helpful advisors as we craft a new business plan.  They have offered insight and advice on how to make our presentation for incremental financing a bit more appealing to potential investors."

Thomas Plumb, President & CEO



"Sherpa Partners is a valuable investor in Unlimited Scale. Not only has their investment been timely and important to the development of our company, but their experience and professionalism has also been helpful. In particular, Mac Lewis brings the perspective of an enterprise computing background as well as operating experience as CEO of a successful technology company. This track record and credibility has been reassuring to prospective next-round out-of-town investors as they come to appreciate the depth of support available from our local investors."

Steve Oberlin, CEO

Unlimited Scale, Inc.


Co Investors

"The presence of Sherpa Partners has enhanced the Twin Cities venture community.  Their professional, systematic approach to investment analysis and due diligence helps to educate entrepreneurs, improving the business strategies of early stage companies.  It has been a pleasure to work with them in evaluating investment opportunities."

Joy Lindsay, Co-Founder

StarTec Investments


"I believe that Sherpa Partners does an outstanding job serving an

important sector of Minnesota's future."

Dennis Anderson, CEO

Andcor Companies


"BrightPlanet is the first transaction I have had the opportunity to structure and execute with Sherpa Partners.  Steve Pederson has shown himself to be not only competent and well-experienced, but also exactly the kind of partner we hope to find in each of our transactions.  Steve's analysis and input has been consistently well reasoned and of obvious value.  Moreover, Steve provides input in ways that build consensus and cooperation.  It is already clear to me that Steve's participation in the BrightPlanet transaction has improved the transaction and the company.  I am confident that his continued efforts on behalf of BrightPlanet will continue to make BrightPlanet an ever more valuable company.

While the majority of my interaction with Sherpa has been in the person of Steve Pederson, my experience with Rick Brimacomb, Mac Lewis and the other members of the Sherpa team has been very positive.  Their professionalism and thoroughness matched Steve's and convinced me that Sherpa is a firm that will be around for the long haul.  I look forward to working with Sherpa Partners on the BrightPlanet Board of Directors, and other future transactions."

Clare J. Fairfield, Managing Director

AAVIN Venture Capital






"I am a fellow PlanAnalytics Board Member 

with Rick Brimacomb.  

Rick is knowledgeable, informed, a worker, good communicator, diligent, with sound judgment.

I find him to be first-rate in every respect."

Bliss McCrum, Partner

EuclidSR Partners, NY


"Mac Lewis is unique in the venture capital world, not only from the standpoint that he has a tremendous wealth of technical knowledge, but he has also personally built and ran a successful technology company.  Mac is extremely approachable and also a man of integrity, which is very important in these current times."

Phil Soran, President and CEO

Compellent Technologies



Limited Partners

"In the current difficult investment climate, I have appreciated the disciplined approach that the General Partners have followed.  I feel this will help Sherpa find better investment opportunities at better prices, and avoid costly mistakes that many venture capitalists have made."

Steve Sefton, President

MN Private Equity Fund

Limited Partner


"Sherpa's reporting to their Limited Partners is excellent.  The reports allow one to track the progress of funded companies quite effectively. 

 I very much appreciate the efforts of Steve Pederson by presenting the basics of venture capital investing to  a group of business people in South Dakota.  It was very well received and appreciated."

John Sundet

Limited Partner



"Sherpa has been a very efficient and effective way to find and invest in promising, high potential Upper Midwest companies.  The Sherpa partners and staff are a pleasure to work with; and their results in Sherpa and its predecessor fund have been excellent."

Dan Pennie

BTC Management, Inc.

Limited Partner


"Sherpa is one of the few, if not the only fund focused on identifying and funding Upper Midwest early stage startups.  They take a very disciplined approach to due diligence.  The Sherpa team plays an active advisory role to their portfolio companies.  This is especially important for early stage startups trying to move from the beta testing stage to an initial product role out.  I appreciate the positive impact of helping new companies come to life." 

Brent Koehler, President

Summit Hill Consulting, Inc.

Limited Partner