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Building a Business Plan

Business Plan Guidelines:
Alliance Technology

Raising Venture Capital

Business 2.0 - 7 Keys to the Perfect Pitch:  Click here for printable .PDF

Marco Rochat and Keith Arundale of PricewaterhouseCoopers - View on the Venture Capital Industry:  Click here for printable .PDF

Golden Rules to attract Angel investors - Guy Kawalski's ten tips to raising capital:

The Ten Commandments of Raising Venture Capital:   David V. Ahladeff wrote this piece for Angel Investor News. Given current conditions in the venture marketplace, it's particularly timely for entrepreneurs:

Advice for Entrepreneurs Seeking Funds:
It's common knowledge that raising capital of any kind has been very tough during the past 18 months. Even if you're a start-up or emerging company with the hottest new gadget on the market, finding the capital you need can be next to impossible. Jim Lewin of Entrepreneur offers some valuable suggestions:

How to Be Prepared For a VC Call Back:  Enticing a VC with your business proposition is one feat, but properly treating the call back is entirely another. Bill Snow of Chicago-based vcapital provides tips you should commit to memory to land the funding you're seeking.

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John Doerr's Startup Manual - Fast Company

Fresh Start 2002: Starting Over ... and Over ... - Fast Company

The Disruptive Startup: Clayton Christensen On How To Compete With The Best

John Cook, who writes on venture capital for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, takes a humorous, but all too true, look back at the bubble's excesses:
Top 10 Lessons from the Nasdaq Meltdown

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Online Resources for Entrepreneurs - General

BizPathways:  Connecting entrepreneurs with resources in their area that will help them grow at all stages of business development.

Branding:  A high level discussion of Branding, written by MN native, Graeme Thickens
Darwin Magazine

Private Equity Online:

Good Books and Publications for Entrepreneurs:

The Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership:

Red Herring:

Fast Company Magazine:


Midwest Technology Venture News:

National Association of Seed and Venture Funds

Venture Capital Resource Library:

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Online Resources for Entrepreneurs - Minnesota

Adventium Labs - Source for R&D or technology development

Minnesota Employment & Economic Development Department

Minnesota Rural Partners

BizLinks - Links new and existing businesses to MN and federal regulatory and tax information

MinnStats - Connects businesses and individuals to the latest publications, data and statistics produced by MN    state agencies.

ISEEK - Information about educational, career, employment and business growth opportunities in the state of MN.

MN WorkForce Center - Wide range of information designed for employers


Local Entrepreneurial Education Resources

James J. Hill Library:

University of Minnesota - Carlson School of Management:

University of Minnesota - Center For Entrepreneurial Studies:

University of Minnesota - Kommerstad Center:

University of St. Thomas - John M. Morrison Center for entrepreneurship

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Services Available for Entrepreneurs

Upstarts - Start-Up Services:

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Business Research Sites - This site contains lists of pending IPOs and companies by industry segment:

Statmarket - Technology related Business Statistics:

NetB2B - This site contains strategies and techniques for Web Marketers:

Business Wire:

Market Watch:

PR Newswire:

PR Web:

Wall Street Research Net:

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Networking for Minnesota-based Entrepreneurs

MN High Technology Association (MHTA):

The Collaborative:

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Venture Capital Information


Broadgate SmartBrief on Private Equity

Institutional Investor Newsletters - Alternative Investment News

National Venture Capital Association

Private Equity Online

Venturewire Alert

Venturewire Economics

Venture Reporter